Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program

This program is an educational workshop designed to provide information about

alcohol and drugs, both street and prescribed. Participants explore the history of

substances, the long term physical effects of substance abuse, as well as current

state and federal laws. Utilizing “drunk goggles,” participants are given an

opportunity to evaluate simulated effects of alcohol on the body.


State Certified Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Classes vary in length and may be done individually or in a group setting. They

address basic education about alcohol and drugs and the effects of these substances

on the body, sober lifestyles, introduction to 12-step support groups, and relapse

prevention. These classes meet the requirements for those on pretrial, post conviction,

as well as those seeking license reinstatement. Additionally, these classes are

appropriate for self-referred clients who have an identified substance abuse issue.


Anger Management

Classes vary in length and may be done individually or in a group. The classes

are designed to help clients explore their thoughts and behaviors as they relate

to anger. The goal is to facilitate the learning of healthy anger coping skills.

Classes involve anger management techniques, relaxation techniques, thought

restructuring around anger, problem solving and improved communication strategies.


Cognitive Skills

This program can be administered in a workshop typically 2-4 hours in length

or may be done individually on a weekly basis. Individuals who have been

arrested for shoplifting may be court mandated to take this class. The

purpose of the class is to explore thoughts that led to behavior that may have

caused negative consequences and teach new problem solving skills

reducing the risk of re-offending.


Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or FVIP – these classes follow Georgia guidelines for

the State Certified Family Violence Intervention Program and are

frequently required for those arrested for domestic violence. This is

a minimum 24-week program designed to help individuals find other

ways to handle conflict within the family that does not involve physical

violence nor verbal or emotional abuse.


 Victim Impact Panel

A 2-hour class that poses the question of what could have happened while

exploring the lives of victims and their families who have been harmed by a

drunk driver. This is a powerful class which looks at the “other side” of substance abuse.