Renewal Wellness And Counseling Cumming Georgia

Renewal Wellness and Counseling by New Hope


Renewal Wellness is located in Cumming Georgia and is focused on optimum health for the entire family by helping to create balance and harmony. We offer a wide range of services to assist the individual and the

family in this process. Please call 678-947-2881 today to schedule a personal consultation and begin your journey toward wellness.


 Services That We Provide

-Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults

-Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Life Challenges

-Massage Therapy


-Clinical Nutritional Herbalist

-Foot Reflexology and Reiki

-Sand Tray Technique



Psychotherapy, or “talk therapy”, is a way to assist clients who are experiencing

challenges in their life. These challenges may be stress, compassion fatigue from

caring for a loved one, grief, relationship concerns, trauma, the “blues” just to name

a few. Additionally, those with depression or anxiety symptoms or those who have a

mental health diagnosis can benefit from psychotherapy. Substance abuse and chemical

dependency has become a growing concern in our community. Early intervention and

prevention is key; however, for those who may already be experiencing difficulty with

substances frequently benefit from identifying underlying causes. Frequently, substance

abuse is a result of “self medicating” a mental health symptom that may be addressed in a

much more healthy way.

The goal of talking with a licensed clinician is to teach a client strategies and provide

them with healthy tools to deal with stress and thoughts and behaviors that may be

negatively impacting their lives. Psychotherapy helps clients manage their symptoms

better and function at their best in everyday life. Sometimes psychotherapy alone may

be the best treatment for a person, depending on the illness and its severity. Other

times, psychotherapy is combined with other therapies such as acupuncture, nutritional

counseling, massage therapy and medication to achieve optimum health. Therapists work

with an individual, couples or families to determine the best treatment plan to better their


Because there is no “one size fits all” in psychotherapy, RENEWAL Wellness has several

clinicians on staff who have received specialized training to work with children and

adolescents, as well as adults. For example, current clinicians are trained in

cognitive-behavioral therapies, substance abuse, eating disorder, and sand tray technique, just to

name a few.


Sand Tray Technique

Sand Tray Technique is a hands on approach for clients. The client may identify with

an “object” through thought, feelings and touch, awakening all senses. Utilizing sand

tray provides an opportunity for an individual to view their situation from a different

perspective. Sand tray may help an individual process situations in a setting that differs

from traditional “talk psychotherapy.” It works well with children and adolescents who

may have some difficulty opening and verbalizing their thoughts and feelings; however,

this technique also works well adults, couples and families.